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Roller Skating for everyone

Cascade Family Skating COVID-19 Procedures

All guests’ temperatures will be taken before entering into the rink. If our guests’ temperature is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, coughing or shortness of breath will not be allowed in the rink.  Guests must practice social distancing by remaining 6 feet away from other groups and wear face masks when not on the skate floor. If skaters do not have their own face mask we will have them for purchase for $2 in the Pro Shop. 

Family Roller Skating

Need some family time? At Cascade we are all about family and fun. Knowing how valuable family time is to all of us, we offer the well known “Family Skate Session’, open to all ages. Come with your family and experience roller skating to the rhythm of their favorite music mixes, gaming, the best inflatables in town, great food, and good times.

Teen Dance & Roller Skating

Your kids want to have fun and you deserve the peace of mind. At Cascade we are committed to provide you with safety and lots of fun. We know that roller skating is among the most favorite activities of today’s young generation, so we have created the ‘Teen Skate’ and the ‘Teen Dance’ Night Sessions, a combination of sport, dance, and a taste of night life in a safe environment that will only give you peace of mind while your teens have all the fun.

Adult Roller Skating

It’s your turn to have fun! Cascade is a big supporter of adult roller skating. For most adult skaters roller skating is not only a fitness sport, but has become a very popular recreational activity, and at Cascade we have everything to make your favorite activity an awesome experience during our ‘Adult Night Sessions’. Change your work-shoes for roller wheels and come in to enjoy a great atmosphere at the beat of those 80’s songs you love to hear. Must be 18 & over to participate.

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Cascade Family Skating COVID-19 Procedures

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